Internships in Performing Arts in Suffolk County, NY: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for an opportunity to gain hands-on training in scenography and experience in Long Island's oldest professional musical theater? Look no further than Gateway, where you can find a range of disciplines in a single school. Over the past 50 years, the school has built its home in New York and expanded to its global academic centers, creating institutes that are based on shared values, common goals, and a priority to put students first. The result is a place where artists and academics come together to create the future. Visiting and non-specialized students are invited to take classes during the January quarter, spring at Tisch, and summer.

You can earn credits for your major or major, expand your resume with an internship, or take classes to change careers. Be inspired by New York City and our international sites. Experience the world in a whole new way with our short and one-semester study abroad programs. These programs are specially designed to harness the artistic strengths of our global partners and incorporate the rich history, techniques, and traditions of each country.

The Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs Office provides access to the arts for visiting university students, high school students, and working professionals. If you're enrolled in the master's degree program at the A of the MIAP, you may be eligible for an RML internship. Over the course of two years in the MIAP program, students will complete a spring internship in their first year, a summer internship after their first year, and a fall internship in their second and final year. The RML project will offer internships to students who qualify for support from the RML project.

These internships will conform to the existing MIAP internship program and its related guidelines. Interns may be asked to do tasks such as inventory and rehousing of multimedia elements, updating metadata of multimedia articles, inspection and repair of multimedia elements, writing or implementing preservation plans for multimedia collections, researching provider reformatting services, investigating internal reformatting configuration options, investigating sources of funding for preservation and reformatting projects, or assisting with drafting grants or preparation work for preservation-related grants of multimedia articles. These activities will allow sites to learn more about how to care for their audiovisual collections and protect them in the future. Currently, all activities must be carried out virtually.

However, New York University has returned to face-to-face teaching which allows for in-person internships with the option of a combined modality (combination of virtual and face-to-face). All on-site work must follow city and university safety guidelines. Brooklyn is a 501 (c) () (), artist-run non-profit organization governed by artists and bookmakers headquartered at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Booklyn supports artists and organizations committed to environmental and social justice by documenting, exhibiting, promoting and distributing their work in educational institutions around the world.

They envision a world in which art and book making are tools for education, personal agency, community participation, and activism. For two decades Booklyn has created a global network that connects hundreds of artists and organizations with educational institutions. Through that network they have distributed thousands of books, works of art, archival collections, and compilations used by an audience that reaches hundreds of thousands. They work directly with artists and social justice organizations to produce, document, and prepare works for acquisition by leading academic, artistic, and cultural institutions around the world.

The Weeksville Heritage Center is another great opportunity for interns interested in performing arts internships in Suffolk County. Located in Brooklyn this 19th-century African-American historic site includes three historic houses with period furniture interpreted for the general public as well as oral histories, unprocessed institutional records, archaeological artifacts, objects chosen for interpretive purposes, family documents of Weeksville's descendants, research archives that compile materials from primary sources documenting the history of Weeksville and other free black communities. The Regional Media Legacies (RML) Project is another great opportunity for interns interested in performing arts internships in Suffolk County. Aparna Subramanian was an MIAP intern who worked with RML project director Marie Lascu and RML fellow Rob Anen on outreach to historic organizations in Long Island and New York (Brooklyn and Queens).

She helped collect information for a collection evaluation report for the LTV Archive as well as researching components of an audio cassette digitization kit. Ben Rubin was another graduate student at MIAP who worked with Claire Fox on select video materials from LTV which is a partner in the RML project. He helped with inventorying items as well as preparing them for digitization before beginning digitization with the RML video kit. During his second half of his internship he spent time on-site with Coney Island Museum as well as Diocese of Brooklyn which helps with item-level inventorying as well as inspection of magnetic media and motion picture materials.

The Queens Museum collection consists of more than 10 000 objects related to two World Fairs held at the site (the only two held in New York) including films and videos. Each World's Fair served as an international exhibition that invited countries around the world to share their achievements and culture as well as industrial leaders to share new technologies. The Diocese of Brooklyn was created in 1853 in response to growing number of Catholic immigrants mainly Irish and German which was then part of Archdiocese of New York. The diocese was named after then city of Brooklyn where new bishop had his cathedral which then covered whole Long Island including North Forks and South Forks where Catholic mission existed in Sag Harbor.

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