Experience the Best Performing Arts Shows in Suffolk County, NY

Long Island is renowned for its vibrant performing arts scene, with numerous theaters in Nassau and Suffolk counties hosting a wide range of productions. From comedies to dramas, Long Island has some of the best venues with world-class talent, proving that you don't need to travel to the city to enjoy an evening of quality entertainment. One of the most popular venues in Suffolk County is the CM Performing Arts Center, which features the Noel S. Ruiz Theater and the Onyx Theater.

The Patchogue Performing Arts Theater is another great option for those seeking theatrical entertainment. With nearly 1200 seats in a stunning setting and excellent sound quality, it's the largest theater in Suffolk County and offers something for everyone. The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame in Stony Brook Village is also worth checking out, with Shecky & the Twangtones performing today. The Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU Post is another great venue for those looking for a truly unforgettable show.

Easily accessible by all means of transportation, it's a concert hall that understands the magic of the performing arts. The Black Box Theater at the performing arts center can be customized for each performance, allowing artists to unleash their creativity in each and every show. Long Island has always been known for its rich theatrical and performing arts cultural heritage, and that's not limited to the illuminated stages of Broadway in New York City. Spend some time at the theaters of Long Island, then head out to explore the rest of Suffolk County, which includes one or two Long Island galleries, mansions and arboretums, or famous movie venues.

Heidi Groepper
Heidi Groepper

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