Discover the Best Performing Arts Classes for Seniors in Suffolk County, NY

Are you searching for the top performing arts classes for seniors in Suffolk County, NY? Look no further than The Argyle Theater, Long Island's newest and largest action theater. Open year-round, The Argyle provides plays, comedies, concerts, and more at the Broadway level without having to leave Long Island. Here, students can explore current industry standard technologies, multimedia and artistic applications, and emerging technological advances. The Post Theater Company (PTC) is the resident theater company of the Theater Arts Program of the School of Performing Arts.

Located in Syosset, NY, PTC offers a secure and supportive atmosphere for students to pursue their artistic passion and discover who they are as people and as artists. The Long Island Art League is a nonprofit organization devoted to broad-based visual arts education. Situated in Patchogue, it is the most comprehensive dance center in the Suffolk County region. The performing arts itinerary focuses on the direct creation of art and entertainment by the individual artist through media such as dance, theater and music. The Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU Post is Long Island's premier concert venue and cultural center. It is also home to CM Performing Arts Center's production of The Prom on Long Island, which will take place until May 14 on the main stage of The Noel S.

The Scenic Construction & Production Technologies program will provide students with the necessary skills to build sets and scenic environments in theater, film and live events. LIU Post also offers 16 performing ensembles that provide students with excellent performance and education opportunities. On-campus performances take place at the Tilles Performing Arts Center while off-campus performances occur at local venues, as well as regional, state, and national conferences. The Visual and Digital Arts program includes those occupations that use visual arts and digital media as the primary means of communication and expression.

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